What is PowderPerm?

A Safe inert Oil Field Micro-Particle. 50,000 Tons, ~680 wells and ~ 32,000 stages have been pumped successfully to date. Oil Field Packaging’s material and use, is a Frac additive unique to the industry. The value is derived from its unique structure and shape which transports permeability where other materials can not go. Its dramatic pressure response allows operators to eliminate HCL and pump generally at lower pressure (+ lower HHP).

Uses for PowderPerm

PowderPerm is a Micro Particle developed as an HCL replacement for stage breakdowns. It has been used on roughly 32,000 stages to date and is approximately an equal cost equivalent to Acid. The product is safe, inert, and requires no safety placarding or labeling.

As an additional benefit, PowderPerm creates residual permeability, in fractures, secondary and micro fractures. It has been documented with offset production to have a measurable production effect when run ahead of stage designs and can be carried and suspended in matrix fracture fluid even in low energy environments.

When used in Re-frac applications, PowderPerm penetrates depleted primary and secondary fractures and efficiently re-directs fluid and treatment to higher pressured reservoir.

Composition of PowderPerm

The Micro Particle Material is an inert, uniquely designed product with a hardness of 6.0. Its surface area to weight ratio creates a very highly suspendible material that travels easily in fluids and carries well in low energy environments and can stay in height suspension.

1 Minute
Container #1 and #2 are common frac sands. #3 is 100 mesh #4 is PowderPerm.

5 Minutes
Sand, except for minimal dust have already settled. 100 Mesh is almost all settled at the five minute mark (Right after shut down). PowderPerm has substantial material still suspended.

24 Hours
Even after one day, PowderPerm still has suspended material and its settled pack is sustainably more hydrated than conventional materials.