What is AS-22?

An inert solid micro-material which can be used instead of HCL to efficiently initiate Frac Stages. As-22 is environmentally friendly, safe and inexpensive. Thousands of stages successfully completed with no additional equipment, PPE or safety placards required.

AS-22™ Benefits

Treatment Efficiencies

  • Can Replace Acid
  • Increases Stage Efficiency, Decrease pump times
  • Lower Abrasive Additive efficiently lowers initial frac pressures
  • No additional required equipment
  • Ability to “Dose” during treatments for pressure stability

Parent-Child Efficacy

  • Limits frac extensions
  • Attractive material costs
  • Creates more efficient fractures off-set to producers
  • Measured decrease in frac-hits

Product Enhancement

  • Unique product structure to deter settling
  • Measured increases in production ($)!
  • Sized for secondary and micro fractures
  • Reaches larger proportion of Hydraulic geometry
  • Inert, safe, plug and play additive

Uses for AS-22™

Can be used for substitute of acid for any stage breakdown of non-conventional reservoirs. All HCL used for each stage can be completely eliminated at nearly an identical price, dramatically reducing environmental and safety exposure.

Composition of AS-22™

Inert Solid material designed for extremely effective non-conventional stage break-down.