What are OFP Diverters?

Our Diverters are not polyacrylamides. They are made from natural materials that remain in the fracture and are not required to degrade like competitors’ materials. The four Diverters are in successively smaller size which can provide diversion options for near and far field fracture creation. There is no need to decrease rate while dropping or running this material.

Uses for OFP

Any fracture designs wanting to create higher complexity, minimize excess fracture length and increase production per Lb/Bbl pumped.

Composition of

Natural non-degrading materials, excellent for lower temperatures and hold up to the highest reservoir temperatures as well. OFP Diverters stay in the fracture and add permeability at the point of created complexity.

Finest Diverter material intended to create complexity far field and limit non-productive excess
fracture length.

Slightly coarser than A Verter and intended to create opportunities for additional complexity nearer to the wellbore and vertical laminated geological contributions.

More coarse and more aggressive near well bore diverter.

Coarse, permanent, near well-bore diverter.